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Our office number: +36-20-427-7166

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UK Toll Free: +44-0-808-258-0095

Hygienic Treatment

Hygienic Treatment Cost

  • Professional Care for Your Teeth
  • Maintains Healthy Condition
  • Prevents Gum Desease and Decay
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With the passing of time staining and plaque may cover the surface of the teeth, which cannot be removed by a simply toothbrush. Hygienic treatment is a quick procedure to remove tartar by polishing and cleaning the surface and intervals of the teeth.

Attached to the treatment you will get a general hygienic training which helps to improve your daily oral hygiene.

It is suggested to be sorted out once or twice annually.

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  • Enjoy Incredible Value on Hygienic Treatment
  • Do you have a smelly breath?
  • Do you feel bad about discoloured teeth?
  • We strongly advise you to have hygienic treatment in every six months.
  • It costs you almost nothing but will spare you from a lot of pain and discomfort.
  • Save Your Pennies while preventing more complex problems in the future.

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What does Hygienic Treatment Involve?


Hygienic treatment involves the removal of tartar.  Tartar is a type of hardened plague that can form on the teeth and underneath the gumline.  Left untreated, tartar can cause cavities and gum disease.  Due to its tendency to stain, a buildup of tartar can also affect the appearance of your smile.  

Unlike plague, tartar cannot be removed by brushing alone.  Dental intervention will therefore be needed. 

To remove tartar, your dentist may either “scale” the teeth manually or use ultrasonic equipment to eliminate even the hardest of tartar deposits from below the gumline.

How do I know if I Have Tartar Buildup?


While plaque forms an invisible film, a buildup of tartar above the gum line is visible to the naked eye. If your teeth seem lined in yellow or brown and feel rough against the tongue, it is likely you have tartar. 

As tartar can also develop unnoticeably below the gum line, regular dental checks ups play a vital role in detecting and eliminating the problem at the earliest opportunity.   

How much does Hygienic Treatment cost?


Hygienic Treatment starts from just £50/60 EUR.  If you have additional requirements, the total price will depend on the extra treatment needed.

Whatever your treatment needs or objectives, you can be confident that we offer excellent value for money –patients save an average of up to 70% on UK prices by choosing Budapest Dental Care Clinics as their treatment provider.   Our full price list can be found here.

Who should perform my Hygienic Treatment?


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  • Save up to 70% on UK prices
  • Trust your treatment  to a skilled, fully accredited dentist with decades of experience
  • Have access to 24-hour support throughout your treatment
  • Enjoy peace of mind with our unbeatable Guarantee
  • Avoid waiting lists and treatment delays with our expedited treatment promise
  • Enjoy a dental holiday with one of our great, all-inclusive packages 

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