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Our office number: +36-20-427-7166

Ireland Toll Free (From landline only): +353-1-800-817-333

UK Toll Free: +44-0-808-258-0095

Why Choose Budapest for Your
Dental Treatment Abroad?

  • Quality of Care
  • Low Prices
  • Ease of Travel from Europe

Are You Looking For a Dental Treatment Abroad? The Answer is Budapest.

Come and visit the capital of Hungary!

Identical dental care in Budapest is between 50-70% less expensive than in Western Europe.

Thousands of patients visit Budapest dental clinics from Europe for having dental treatments abroad like tooth implants, veneers, crowns. People from the UK, Ireland, France, or the Scandinavian countries come for a dental holiday to Hungary because of the excellent value and service they get for their money.

With cheaper airlines and short flight time to Budapest from all over Europe, it is a very sensible option to have your dental treatment, - whether a dental implant or a smile makeover - in Budapest. It is, actually, a no-brainer if you think you can save up to thousands of euros for the same surgery you have at home in Western Europe.


Highest Professional Standards

Affordable prices, however, do not come with the cheap quality of dentistry.

Actually, the opposite is true. Hungarian dentists are internationally recognized for their superior qualifications, expertise and practical experience.

Hungary is renowned all over the world for its high standards and advanced medical procedures, with Hungarian medical professionals teaching and practising internationally. Hungary also boasts some of the lowest MRSA rates in Europe.

Dental treatment in Budapest is carried out in clinics using the most modern, up-to-date facilities and equipment, and completed by internationally trained, English-speaking doctors and surgeons.


6 Reasons To Choose Hungary for Your Dental Treatment Abroad

  • Serious savings on dental treatment (up to 70% cheaper than Western Europe)
  • Equivalent or better dental standards as Western Europe
  • No waiting lists
  • Excellent guarantee terms
  • Great international flight connections 
  • Experience Budapest with a relaxing city break

Budapest City Break

Dental Treatment + Budapest City Break = Happy Patient

Combine the best dental treatments with the best city breaks.

With our premium service, 

you can effortlessly combine your dental treatment abroad with an enjoyable city break.

Budapest is a particularly relaxing place to recover from dental surgery in, offering many thermal spas to help ease the strain of a day in the dentist’s chair.

Did you know that...

Hungary is

the #1 dental tourism destination in Europe

the country of choice for 65.000 oveseas dentl patients each year

the hot spot for dental implats, with 20.000 dental implants placed each year for dental tourists

ranked as one of the 10 most popular cities for shopping abroad according to Economist Intelligence Unit


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