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Our office number: +36-20-427-7166

Ireland Toll Free (From landline only): +353-1-800-817-333

UK Toll Free: +44-0-808-258-0095

Reasons To Choose Budapest Dental Care Clinic for Your Dentistry Abroad.

  • We keep YOU in the focus, and give YOU a great customer experience
  • We offer you the best dental specialists in Hungary, placing more than 100 tooth implants each
  • We are available every day, even outside business hours
  • We will help you from start to finish
  • We will turn a tooth problem into an enjoyable experience by combining your dental treatment with a city break
  • We have a dental clinic in Dublin for aftercare treatments
  • We will match any offer you may have for full mouth recontruction

At Budapest Dental Care Clinic...

...we are committed to meeting the highest standards of professionalism and patient care.

We strive to meet our patients' needs with excellence.

Our dental clinics are well equipped with the best available technology; our dentists are well respected specialists in their fields. They each have great experience and have successfully treated thousands of patients.

At our clinics, we place more than a thousand dental implants every year.

Our patients pick us for their dental treatments because of ...


… our reduced waiting times.

With our help, you will not end up at the end of a long waiting list; we make sure you receive the fastest service possible.


… our professional dentists.

Our dentists are all highly qualified and have international experience. Our specialists will help you with oral surgery, implantology, endodontics, periodontology, cosmetic dentistry or gnathology.


… we have an in-house laboratory, servicing the best dental clinics in Hungary for decades.

The dental lab makes a big difference when it comes to the quality of dental services. Our dental laboratory is cooperating with the Dental Education Center for Central and Eastern Europe, a training center which has hosted guest professors from all over the world.


… our cutting-edge medical technology.

Our dental clinics and lab come equipped with leading German, Swiss and Swedish brands, representative of the best technology available in modern dentistry.


… our unbeatable guarantee programme.

We offer an extensive and fully comprehensive guarantee against all our products and treatments. See our guarantee policy for more details.


… our local knowledge and dental holiday programmes.

Our inside knowledge of Budapest guarantees you the best dental holiday imaginable.  Want to see the real Budapest away from the tourist traps? We’ll point you in the right direction.  Want a ticket to the opera?  We’ll arrange the best seat in the house.  Relaxing cruise on the Danube?  Consider it done.  Whatever you want, we’re here to make it happen.     


…of the hassle-free, friendly management of dental trips from start to finish.

Arranging an overseas dental trip on your own can be hard work. We’re here to help you navigate the world of dental tourism: to find the best form of treatment for your specific needs, to alleviate the stress of travelling to a foreign country, and to help you realise incredible savings while you do it.

Certifications of our dentists and clinics

Our dentists are registered with the Hungarian Chamber of Dentists.

All our clinics are covered under a number of accreditation and licensing schemes.

These schemes include

  •  Institute of Quality and Organisational Development of Healthcare and Pharma Industries
  •  National Health Commission
  •  Medical Service domestic accreditation schemes from the Hungarian Ministry of Health

Quality assurance and ISO standards

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